Infrastructure - WAN


SDWAN - Reinvent Enterprise Networks

Re-take control of your Wide Area Network with migration to SDWAN.  

Build High-Performance, Enterprise-grade  and Cost-Effective WAN using commercially available Internet, LTE and MPLS  or combination of available Transports to replaces or augment expensive private WAN.

Enable dynamic path selection for load sharing and resiliency resulting in greater up-time & availability and improved user experience.

  • Reduce TCO
  • Utilize all available transports
  • Optimized and Predictable application performance
  • Improve user experience
  • Meet ever increasing bandwidth and connectivity demands
  • Easily incorporate SaaS and connect with Cloud

Icon works with you to develop business requirements, assist with selection of  SDWAN solutions/providers, conduct PoC and design & implement future-proof, scalable and flexible SDWAN for your enterprise.


Internet & LTE

Not ready for SDWAN yet...

Build Enterprise-Grade, Secure, Full-Mesh and resilient WAN using Commercial Internet or Business-Grade LTE.

  • Maximize utilization of deployed circuits
  • Use Internet as Primary, Secure WAN
  • Establish WAN resiliency using "metered" LTE



 Already invested in MPLS and hardware...

Augment WAN using Commercial Internet or Business-Grade LTE for Business Continuity.

  • Deploy Internet or LTE based WAN redundancy
  • Increase up-time and availability

Infrastructure - LAN & Wireless


Enterprise LAN & Wifi

Simple, Flexible and Scalable  LAN