Enterprise Security


Perimeter Security

 To cover all those bases, networks today need a variety of software and hardware tools.  Most venerable is the firewall.  While the days when a firewall was the sum total network security is long gone, firewall continues to play very important role in any network security paradigm.  

With Icon's Next-Gen Firewall solutions:

  • Recognize and resolve challenges of legacy security models
  • Counter latest trends and challenges in threat landscape
  • effectively deploy next-generation firewalls
  • Design, build and manage comprehensive security policy


Internal Infrastructure Security

While perimeter defense plays an equally important role in infrastructure security mechanism, 86% of small and medium businesses do not have effective means for threats within.

Ask us how can we:

  • Implement network segmentation for permissive access from within an enterprise network
  • Design, build and manage secure site-to-site communication


Remote Access

 Get peace of mind knowing that your business can continue to operate by allowing your workforce access to critical enterprise resources and application regardless of user's locality. 

Icon's secure, scalable and reliable Remote Access Solution:

  • Give your employees secure access to work anytime from anywhere
  • Protect your network from unauthorized entry